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Loft Bedroom,  Sydney interior design

So what does an interior designer even do, & why would you need one?!

I am an Industrial designer by training, with a postgraduate certificate in Architectural Sustainability, yet most of my “real world” experience is in interior design.  You could say I’m a bit of a mutt, and I’d argue, that this is my greatest strength, as my unique background ensures a distinctive approach, which is unlike anyone else designing contemporary buildings & environments in Australia !

I’m now 10 years into this Matt Woods design thing, and a decade as a one-man band has taught me how to quickly shift & adapt to ever changing client needs.  As a one-man band I am personally involved in every aspect of the design process, &  I work my arse off as to ensure each part of every project exceeds all of my client expectations.

If it’s your first time engaging an interior designer or architect, you’ll quickly learn that that construction projects have an immeasurable amount of moving parts. As such , no two projects are ever alike, but I can basically break down the expected services & deliverables into several stages.  Some projects go through all of the stages below.  Some projects will only take up a few…  But rest assured I will identify the stages required from the outset & tailor my services to best suit your needs.


Your project starts here! Working together we will identify your project needs, desires and intentions. If you’ve got a brief, awesome.  If not, we’ll figure it out together.  


Based on your chosen site, we will begin by preparing preliminary design plans – which I’ll often refer to as mud maps, which are based on your requirements and budget to explore and illustrate possible options. We will review these options with you, pointing out the merits and responding to your input.  


This is it what it sounds like… Basically I draw a bunch of pretty pictures – depending on your budget or requirements, these pretty pictures could bee as detailed as life like renderings or as simple as hand drawn sketches.  What ever we choose, these drawings will be an accurate representation based on all of our discussions to date, and it will also include reference imaginary & a preliminary selection of furniture, finishes & fittings.  The concept design stage culminates in me giving a presentation, which at the very end of we all stand & cheer & hug!   


Invariably there are always things that need to change… So based on your concept feedback, we make some time to ensure you’re 100% happy. If we can, we will identify further cost projections that can determine how closely the design conforms to the budget expectations, & what, if any, adjustments are required.


 In most circumstances, we will need to get approval from council (or perhaps someone else) before we can turn my pretty pictures into a real life space for you to occupy.  To get council approvals, we need to jump through some pre determined hoops, as to further articulate our design intentions… Oh, & they’ll also slug us with some additional fee’s to get the ball rolling, so look forward to getting these!


The pointy end of the design process, & in my opinion the most important! Are your working on a timeline &/ or a budget? Then you need good construction docs!  Do you want it built to the highest quality standards? You need good construction docs! Do you want it built as per your expectations up until this point? You need good construction docs! In a nutshell – you need good construction docs…  


The design is done.  You have your approvals. All our ducks are in a row!  But we still need to build the bloody thing… Well, I’m still here & I’m still working with you during the construction phase & regular site visits will determine if construction is proceeding in accordance with the builders contract, and that the design, materials, and workmanship meet with the KMW standard! •  


 What else do you need?  Graphic design? Branding? Interior Styling?   Website Design?  Project Certification? Structural engineering?  If I can’t do something, I guarantee you that I know someone who can, & I will, brief, guide & liaise with these consultants on your behalf, without additional charge.  Why would I do this? I want the project to be as strong as possible as it benefits both you and me!