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Killing Matt Woods is an award winning interior design studio. We specialise in producing sustainable spaces for retail, hospitality and residential. Our work has been widely published and featured in Design Milk, Archidaily, Dezeen, Est living, Dwell and Local Project.

A café design that steps back and forth in history

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Percy Plunkett Cafe - Killing Matt Woods - Interior Design - Hospitality

Percy Plunkett Cafe - Killing Matt Woods - Interior Design - Hospitality

Designed by Killing Matt Woods, the interior of Percy Plunkett café in Penrith, NSW is a unique response to heritage, as inside co-editor Gillian Serisier discovers.

Approaching each project as a unique entity, Killing Matt Woods (KMW) produces interiors that are never expected, always interesting and, more importantly, completely relevant to area, client and aspiration.

This is a rarity, despite most designers considering this tactic to be their own. For Percy Plunkett, even the delicious name comes from an approach that speaks to the project’s quintessence.

Indeed, when researching the history of the house, Killing Matt Woods director, Matt Woods, went through council records and found that Percy Plunkett was actually a previous owner. Really. In fact, after the café was complete, the descendants of Percy Plunkett held their reunion there. Nice.